Featured Artist: The Narw!als

What: Alternative Band

Who: Southwest Students Ian Hamerlinck (guitar, vocals) and Maya Powell (bass, keyboard, vocals); South student Emerson Hunton (drums, vocals)

About: If you are to ask a random Southwest Junior about which student bands are hip, he or she is bound to mention the Narw!als, a 3-piece group that describes its music as “the sound a dinosaur makes after its first kill.”  If you ask the same student about the most memorable musical events of the year, he or she will probably say something about the Narw!al’s recent gig at the Beat Coffeehouse in Uptown Minneapolis.  Though the band has been together for 3 years, they have only just begun breaking into the local music scene.  “We’ve been getting together on a monthly-ish basis to practice, jam, etc.” says Hamerlinck. “We basically just put ourselves out there through social media websites and YouTube, just to see if we get a response.”  Over the past year and a half the Narw!als have worked on adding original songs to their repertoire with the goal of performing in a public venue.  “We finally took the initiative this year and had our first show.  We look forward to playing out with more bands.”

Luckily for those who missed it, the video provided below captures the opening number.  We apologize for the unbearable sound quality (typical).  A big thanks to staff member Kelly Thorpe and her pal Joe Pederson for capturing the footage.

If you would like to hear more from the Narw!als, you can visit their Myspace page here (let’s hope you’re not on a school computer).

If you ARE on a school computer and want to watch footage of the Narw!als most recent gig, click here.


On the Scene: Hot Notes on a Cold Night

Who: Southwest student dancers, actors, and musicians/Southwest fine arts teachers

When: January 22, 2011

Where: The Children’s Theater Cargill Stage

The annual Hot Notes Cabaret fundraiser was a roaring success. Parents and teachers alike were able to kick back and enjoy a night of fine arts at its best, complete with pride in their young aspiring student performers.  The fundraiser incorporated dance, vocal music, instrumental music, rap, and acting all into one talent-filled (and food and wine-filled) evening.  Bravo Southwest, Bravo.

We have kept our word and, thanks to Rob Heltemes, have provided a video of the event below (though we apologize for the delay). OCD people beware: there are some subtle audio problems, as well as unresolved dissonant chords resulting from quick transitions in the following video.

(If you’re watching from a school computer, click here.)

Bon appetite… the fine arts way.

On the Scene: Holiday Basilica Concert

Who: Musical Directors Keith Liuzzi and Nathan Knoll/Southwest student performers

When: January 14, 2011

Where: The Basilica of Saint Mary

This year’s Holiday Basilica Concert, originally scheduled for December 13, had to be moved to a later date due to the infamous winter snowstorm of the century.  Despite the holiday songs being slightly out-of-season, the concert managed to be beautiful, magical, cathartic, breathtaking, legendary…. and so forth.

Below is a video of the spectacle for your listening pleasure.  Don’t mind the terrible video quality.  Thankfully the music is what counts.

(If you’re watching from a school computer, click here.)

Hallelujah, and Happy Birthday to our beloved staff member Layla!

On the Scene: “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Who: Directors Jane Ulring and Adelle Pollack/Southwest Student actors and techies

When: January 4-7, 2010

Where: Black Box

Southwest students gave a stellar (or should we say, “stellaaaaaa”) performance in the Unhinged Company’s most recent installment: “A Streetcar Named Desire,” the infamous Tennessee William’s play about a delusional damsel who moves in with her sister in New Orleans and completely loses her marbles.  Take a few minutes to relive a moment in the abusive household of Stanley Kowalski with the following excerpts from Scenes 7 and 8:

(If you’re watching from a school computer, click here.)



On the Scene: Southwest Winter Dance Concert

Who: Southwest Student Dancers/Choreographers

When: December 8-9, 2010

Where: Southwest Auditorium

This year’s winter dance concert was a ravishing spectacle, as expected.  Congratulations to our most recent stock of talented choreographers.  If you couldn’t make it, the Mosaic has kindly provided you with some highlights caught on tape.  We apologize for the less-than-perfect quality.

While you’re at it, enjoy these reviews of “I Hate Hamlet” and “The Actor’s Nightmare”/”Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All to You,” courtesy of the Southwest Anchor newspaper.  Both are student-produced theater pieces from earlier this season.

“I Hate Hamlet” Review

“The Actor’s Nightmare” and “Sister Mary Ignatius Yada Yada…” Review

Keep those works of art coming.

Student Art is Cool

Welcome to the premiere of the Southwest Mosaic blog.  For those of you who don’t know, the Mosaic is a student-produced, edited, and created publication that features works of literature and visual art by students of Southwest High School.  By going online the Mosaic has expanded its creative palette to include not only literature and visual art, but theater, music, film, and dance.  (And cooking, perhaps.)

Would you like to see your art exhibited by the Southwest Mosaic? Don’t be shy: go ahead and (a) drop your work off in the IB office, (b) e-mail it to mosaicsouthwest@gmail.com, or (c) place it in the red submissions folder in your English/Arts classroom. Do you have what it takes to be our FEATURED ARTIST? If so, express your interest by e-mailing the above address or discussing your work with a member of our staff.

Prepare to feast your eyes and ears on the deepest realms of adolescent creativity.  Happy Xmas/late Chanukkah/Kwanzaa!